In our last post, we highlighted Phonebloks as an exciting idea that could fundamentally shift the way mobile phones are designed.  To catch you up on the idea, essentially, Phonebloks is proposing that all mobile phones be made up of distinct components (i.e. blocks) that could be replaced or upgraded based on your specific needs or when components fail. If you want a more robust camera, for example, simply replace the camera block without having to wait for an upgrade.

While this is an exciting idea, it is not without problems that the critics are quick to point out.  Good news! We have a great way to solve problems by phrasing problems as questions.  Viewing a problem as a question is powerful because we no longer see the problem as a roadblock.  We see the problem as a question that needs to be solved.

Watch this video to see how to phrase problems as questions:

Okay.  Now, let’s try this out with one of the problems that critics of Phonebloks have raised:

Ugly phonebloks









Problem:  People won’t buy the phone because it’s ugly.

Question: What might be all of the ways to make the phone more attractive?

Well, admittedly, we took an easy one. But, the “ugly” question, could be solved if the blocks were:

  • Different colors e.g. Legos
  • Made of a material that would allow you to color them
  • Designed by famous artists
  • Covered by a protective sleeve

We’re sure you can easily find other problems related to the Phonebloks idea.  So, what are all the problems looking for solutions?  Phrase those problems as a question beginning with:

  • How to… (or)
  • How might… (or)
  • In what ways might… (or)
  • What might be all of the… (and then)



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