We choose, as partners at New & Improved, to apply our creative skills to all arenas of our lives. Work. Community. Family. Whether we are parents ourselves or not, our partner network –to a person– experiences themselves as “parents-at-large” to any younger person at any time we become aware of their need.

This weekend is Father’s Day in many parts of the world. We remember back to conversations we had with Silvia Lagnado, the woman who lit a new fire of parenting using the Dove brand, and built a Campaign for Real Beauty. Her daughter, and that of our CEO, Bob Eckert, are both the same age. In Athens Greece, in 2005 Bob & Silvia had deep conversations about parenting their children in a world that was increasingly making it difficult to grow up whole and positively empowered. A conversation about raising healthy daughters and sons. About using commerce to make a positive difference in the world. The legacy of Silvia’s work lives on at Dove in the form of breaking edge creativity and brand innovation by way of positive messages to the world.

We honor Fathers this weekend, but dedicated, creative parents always.

Enjoy the video! And, appreciate your dad, whether he is with you or not, for the lessons he gave you.  Happy Father’s Day!






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