To paraphrase Gandhi: We cannot wait for our children to do it, we must strive to be the change we wish for the future. Steadily improve your CREATIVE problem solving skills! You are being watched.

It’s a very simple meme to read, but the implications are immense. And our own arrogance drives us to notice people whose Creative Problem Solving skills, open-mindedness, and curiosity are less than our own. It’s our lazy-mind way of excusing ourselves. Of diminishing our growth and potential. And it’s a sure fired way to leave to the next generation something less than our desires would have it be. Desire is not enough, we need to take action:

Continuously strive to strengthen your own ability to lead as a positive creator: READ and SHARE this.

Share and promote the base skills of Creative Problem Solving. Bring it to work, home and community. READ and SHARE this.

Your efforts in this regard will earn you the thanks, respect and admiration of many. And me.

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