Bug List is one of the many techniques available in your new & improved toolbox. Below are step-by-step instructions for using this tool.

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When to use

1. To generate unmet needs (problems) as platforms for idea generation

2. To identify frustrations/pain points that your colleagues, customers, clients are facing (So you can help solve them)

3. When you need to convene an “ain’t it awful club” meeting and complain for a while (Just kidding, read How Your (positive) Stories Can Change the World.)

How to use

1. Ask each person to identify things that annoy or bug them. Ask each person to identify 10-20 items.

2. Group items that are mentioned more than 1 time.

3. Ask the team to vote on which items they would like to tackle.

4. The team then uses Question Starters to convert ”bugs” into problems, and finds ways to resolve them.

It’s called Creative Problem Solving for a reason. In the end, this tool helps us get clear on what’s bugging us so we can do something about it. Like, make the world a better place!

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