This webinar explored where opportunities exist to add new value with the fusing together of Six Sigma and Creative Problem Solving.

Six Sigma expert, Michael Campbell, an Innovation, Productivity and Change Management Consultant with 40 years of experience in the Quality field, was our guest speaker. He was joined by New & Improved’s CEO and Innovation Catalyst, Bob Eckert.

If you missed our LIVE webinar, see recordings of our webinars. In this webinar, we discuss how to:

  • Draw connections between Innovation and the DMAIC steps
  • Experience the value of a new approach to Six Sigma

After you’ve listened to the recording, you may want to learn more, here’s how:

Six Sigma Practitioners:

See our tool cards for a series of divergent and convergent tools you can insert during the IMPROVE stage (note: they can fit in other areas as well).

Contact us
for details of a customized version of our Innovation for Results program for Green and Black Belts.

Innovation Practitioners:

Listen to, or read Demystifying Innovation Culture Efforts book for details on 12 strategic action areas innovation leaders need to pay attention to.This work provides a roadmap for embedding innovation into the culture and climate of your organization. (Six Sigma practitioners define the process of embedding within the culture as the CONTROL stage of DMAIC.)


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