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We’re hearing more stories now as organizations approach us to discuss failed or weak innovation culture initiatives. The diagnosis seems to fall into 3 buckets:

1) Shiny Object Infatuation, 2) Half-vast Understanding, 3) Skill-holes

INFATUATION: Believing that innovation is about products and that an innovation culture can be sustained without helping every business function contribute their piece to the overall effort in a more productive and creatively collaborative way.

HALF-VAST: Attempting to do the least-minimum thing to get a change in culture, which leads to the current culture out-foxing the attempt to migrate to a better innovation-culture dynamic.

HOLES: Belief that a particular set of creative thinking tools and/or sexy innovation process will permeate everyday creative need in the organization. Being seduced by smart marketing that a particular thinking method is “perfect” and not planning to fill the holes that exist in EVERY creative process.

Get a more complete understanding. Avoid the traps, turn things around before it’s too late.

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