Allie Middleton

Location: United States
Fluency: English

Allie is a Consulting Partner at New & Improved and founder and principal of Integrative Leadership Practices. As an experienced internal change leader and award-winning innovator, she is also a long-time meditation and yoga teacher. These days, she primarily works as an individual coach and organizational development consultant. Allie worked in corporate law on Wall Street during the heyday of corporate mergers and acquisitions. She then moved to helping not-for-profits discover products and licensing programs to develop creative branding through new revenue streams.

Always keeping a commitment to spirit in her practices, she was recruited several times to join high performing teams to lead innovation with new organizational and financial challenges. She is quick to identify core personal and structural issues and compassionately establish productive conditions where everyone can flourish and establish new ways of creating healthy and profitable individual, team and organizational outcomes.

Her work has positively impacted a wide range of organizations including Volkswagon, Deloitte & Touche, PepsiCo, United Technologies, Otis Elevator, Sikorsky Helicopter, Army National Guard, Newsweek, New York University, English National Opera, Shiingiku Theatre, Tokyo and the Presencing Institute at MIT. In addition to revenue producing projects with high performing teams, Allie has helped seed innovation and research based developments in not-for-profit organizations including the New York Public Library, the Mental Health Association, the Kripalu Institute for Extraordinary Living, and the College for Behavioral Health Leadership. As a licensed psychotherapist, she was deployed to the 9/11 World Trade Center disaster by the New York federally funded crisis response bureau.

Allie specializes in transformative and productive learning techniques using creative and critical thinking skills as well as mind-body techniques grounded in the new findings in emotional intelligence, neuroscience and health. She has served as faculty at numerous creativity and leadership development conferences around the world.

As a coach, Allie supports an international clientele and specializes in high performance leadership development as well as improving skills in the practice of mindfulness. Her gift is to help leaders transition to high performance and creative well being, while sustaining high productivity and satisfaction.

She lives with her husband in an historic house in the New York Capital District in the Hudson River Valley, 150 miles from her hometown of New York City. She loves to sing, cook, travel, teach yoga, and dialogue. Her free time is spent playing in the wilderness and other creative venues with her extended networks of family and friends.

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