The Family That Thrives:

Creative Thinking & Problem Solving:

A Self-paced Virtual  Course

What:   8-week online course (approximately 16 hours of work)
Who:   Households, done together as a ‘family.’ Recommended for  youth and adults from age 11 up.

When:  Our next class will launch on World Creativity & Innovation Day, April 21st 8pm Eastern time.

Additional classes are being scheduled and filled. Grab a slot now, and we’ll build a group around your preferred schedule!

**Enrollment for April 21st, May 6th  start-class is closed.  Classes in progress.

Next start-class on Wednesday May 27th,  at 8PM Eastern time. 

What you’ll be able to do better: 

Would you like to solve problems faster, smarter, and more permanently? You will.

Would you like to be able to apply these skills to ANY challenge, now or in the future? We've gotcha.

Would your family find value learning simple ways to avoid conflict? This will help. A lot.

Would you like to know how the pro's resolve differing views of a problem or its solution? We'll let you in on the secret.

Would your family benefit by taking action on a project, invention or success strategy that you develop together? How could you not?

Every skill taught will be useful in school, work and relationships.

You'll become a brainstorming Ninja.

You'll be able to lead others, at work and school, in more effective problem solving meetings.

You'll be world-class in uncovering the root cause of problems.

You'll never have to work another day in your life! --Not really, 😉 but you and yours will be more successful at whatever passion you do pursue.

The back-story

We built this as a training to be offered inside of leading companies. 20% of the Fortune 100 have or are continuously offering this course to their people.

But! We regularly hear from  graduates who take this training at  work:

“I’m using this as much at home as I do at work. Do you offer this skills training to youth and families?”

Yes. We do.

Your family will experience direct and immediate impact by learning a new and improved way to work together, solve problems, manage conflicts, develop opportunities and produce concrete results for real-world challenge(s).

Innovation for Results is an 8-week online program, built at the request of our corporate clients to enable remote workers and virtual teams to get the same training benefit as those who can attend the classroom version. But it also works fantastically for families who want to prepare everyone for success in the future, no matter what the future brings… Even if it’s zombies. 😉

Our corporate clients regularly ask:

“Why don’t they teach this in schools?”

A rare few are beginning to, but your kids are ready now.

Online learning can be terrible. We’ve fixed that. This fun and engaging course includes:

+ 20 short, highly produced  video lessons

+ 4 virtual instructor-led zoom meetings 

+ Games to keep your mind sharp

+ A research-validated creative thinking style assessment*

+ Fun testing for comprehension

+  Focused project work

+ Access to private coaching and guidance *

It will take about 2-3 hours a week. Max.

This is accelerated learning: You and your family will overcome real challenges and successfully seek new opportunities by applying your newly enhanced innovation skills to real and important community, family or personal challenges.

We believe in working on real projects that produce immediate value. You’ll practice by doing something real, of your families choosing. Not a simulation chosen by your instructor.


You’ll strengthen family bonds, be productive,

build for your future, and have a lot of fun.


Corporate participants have focused on creating breakthrough products, starting businesses, enhancing efficiency, disaster planning, developing strategy and much more. Graduates also report significant gains in efficiency, productivity, resourcefulness, positivity and individual engagement.

Graduates of our youth program have experienced it as life-changing. They get all of the benefits of the corporate program, and it helps them improve their academic standing, writing skills while strengthens their resume in a very differentiating way.


You’ll master the use of these creative thinking tools

Forced Connections

POINt (Pluses, Opportunities, Issues, New thinking)


Power Perspectives

Deep Empathy

Question Starters

Why? What's Stopping You?

Mind Mapping

Visual Analogy


Assisters & Resisters

Read-it Write-it Stick-it

Evaluation Matrix

Card Sort


Organizational Benefits

If your company sponsers this

  • Offering the family version of this course improves employee engagement, loyalty and creates a place of reinforcement – at home
  • Drastically reduces the time required for implementing innovative solutions
  • Provides the root cause analysis skills to fully understand challenges to yield creative solutions to complex issues
  • Provides effective ways to solve organizational innovation problems efficiently
  • Enables individuals, groups and teams to share a common language and process for creative problem solving
  • Identify & leverage personal preferences in the creative process for improved team collaboration
  • Fosters a culture of innovation throughout the organization

*Pricing below is for each household.

During the instructor led sessions, each household will be allowed one camera and one microphone for the Zoom session.

Ready to Make a Change?

Whether you want to start with a small training workshop or discuss more widespread systematic culture change, give us a call. We will tailor a solution to fit your exact needs.

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