Facilitated Sessions


Solving Problems and Creating New, Energizing Change

Our Master Facilitators have brought thousands of new solutions into the world and products & services to market. Whether you are in Marketing, R&D, Strategic Planning, or tackling a big social/organizational issue, we’ll customize each session to deliver your specific objectives. All Master Facilitators bring at least 15 years of experience working globally with organizations of all sizes and industries, including Fortune 500s, startups, governments and non-profits.

Accelerated Concept Development: New Products,  Positioning, and More

Master Facilitators lead your team, knowledge experts, and/or targeted consumers to generate new concepts for your innovation pipeline, line extensions, product positioning, naming and more.


  • Clarify customer pain points
  • Use creative methodologies to generate concepts
  • Refine concepts using prototyping
  • Create an Action Plan for further development and testing

Strategic Planning

Master Facilitators lead your leadership team, content experts, and “trained brains” through an innovative strategic planning process. Proven methodology focuses on collaboration and creative thinking to target new opportunities and differentiation.


  • Clarify and solve the most critical corporate challenges
  • Develop break-through innovative strategies based on vision and values
  • Create a measurable Action Plan

Sustainability Initiatives

Master Facilitators work with your key stakeholders, content experts, and Conscious Creatives to generate more planet-friendly products and services.


  • Get deeper insights with the right team, including creative thinkers with a conscious consumption lifestyle
  • Discover holistic solutions that do right by your profits and the planet
  • Use creative methodologies and incubation time

Customized Facilitation Sessions and Keynotes

War games, design charrettes, open space, community plunges, think tanks, risk mitigation, design thinking, disaster planning, and crisis management – we’ve facilitated it all. If you need Master Facilitators to help guide important discussions or big events, generate ideas globally via online tools, work with your key stakeholders or even give a keynote, New & Improved will get you the result you need – efficiently.


  • Get deeper insights into complex problems
  • Use creative methodologies and incubation time
  • Manage input and thinking in very large groups
  • Incorporate consensus-building to generate immediate buy-in
  • Inspire groups to embrace innovation and change leadership

NOTE: No two organizations are alike, so we customize these core programs to meet our clients’ specific needs. 

Ready to Make a Change?

Whether you want to start with a small training workshop or discuss more widespread systematic culture change, give us a call. We will tailor a solution to fit your exact needs.

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