Certification: Innovation Facilitator (In-house)

What: 2-4+ days
Who: 8 – 24 participants (Trainer to participant ratio held at 1:8)
Prerequisite: Innovation for Results Workshop (2-day)


This facilitation skills training program dramatically increases an organization‘s ability to create ongoing breakthroughs and to confront problems creatively. Participants are handpicked leaders who are familiar with the basics of the creative process, innovative thinking and problem solving. Over multiple days, participants are trained in facilitation skills and then lead live ideation sessions that address their organizational challenges.

The Facilitator training prepares you to work with groups and teams to solve a wide variety of problems, or to achieve such goals as:
● Design Thinking Sessions
● Process Improvement
● New Product Development
● Marketing Plan Development
● Organizational Issues Resolution
● Strategic Planning
● Innovation and Sustainability
● Product Naming
● Vision and Mission
● Team-Building Interventions

When you wear the title “innovation facilitator” rarely will you face two opportunities that look exactly alike. You will be called upon to work with groups small and large to solve a variety of business challenges and successfully deal with strong voices and personal dynamics.

Expert Facilitators know how to lead groups using a range of techniques and creativity exercises to help participants shift from stagnant, current thinking to dynamic new thinking. The best Facilitators are able to create a successful plan yet fluidly adapt to the needs of the group in the moment. This means knowing how to “hold the room” using a variety of techniques that engage participants in ways that bring out their best.

Participants in this program are leaders who are graduates of the 2-day Innovation for Results Workshop; they know the creative process and tools in theory and are ready to put them into action as a Facilitator. This course uses peer-group practice sessions to prepare participants for working with actual teams.

Trainers for this program are Master Facilitators with broad experiential background in real world creative problem-solving facilitation. Each is also a skilled trainer and masterful coach.

By the end of the program, participants are expected to have learned the creative process to such a degree that they can assess the specific problem solving stage(s) and tools needed, design a process plan, and lead others through it successfully. As a result, your organization gains full-time access to in-house creative process facilitators and improved innovation leaders.


Develop the skills, tools and techniques to effectively design and facilitate creative process sessions in which people collaborate to understand issues, generate innovative solutions and make sound decisions


Receive personal coaching and feedback on facilitation skills and areas of development


Gives organizations full-time access to in–house creative problem solving facilitators and leaders



Graduates of this program have gone on to lead ideation sessions that have resulted in millions of dollars in financial gain for their organizations. In-house experts  with facilitation skills training will save you substantial money over time. Also, having certified facilitators helps integrate creativity into your innovation culture processes.

Open Enrollment

Innovation Facilitator Certification is offered periodically as an open-enrollment, public course based on demand. Contact us for more information.


Participants will learn and apply the following tools:

Brainstorming variations


Forced Connections












Why? What’s Stopping You?


Group decision making processes


Evaluation matrix




Read-it, write-it, stick it


Forced Connections




And more...



Key Benefits

For the individual

  • Enhanced process–consulting skills, enabling individuals to work with in-house clients to uncover key goals and underlying challenges for organizational breakthroughs
  • Improved creative problem solving abilities
  • Faster and more effective decision–making

For the company

  •  In–house experts who can quickly facilitate sessions to clarify key priorities, uncover new ideas, develop innovative solutions, refine cost reduction initiatives, and speed growth initiatives
  • Company gains facilitators who are comfortable leading any group type, from the C-suite to individual contributors, from suppliers to end-use customers through the creative process
  • An overall cultural shift to more productive and effective meetings
  • Reduction of ongoing costs by training in-house talent to drive innovation processes

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