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Power Tools and Courses

These tools and courses help focus your innovation sessions and improve your overall results.

Free Facilitation Tools


Productive Meeting Process Guide 

Process Guide for Leadership & Governance Meetings

Use this tool to effectively run your meetings. This chart gives step-by-step instructions for how and when to use both divergent and convergent tools.

Tools to Generate Many Ideas and Solutions (Divergent)


Use post-its to have everyone write ideas simultaneously to generate ideas.

Design Thinking

Use different approaches as you work from your goal to your implemented solution.

Perspectives in Practice

Use different perspectives to look at the situation from new viewpoints.

Innovation Tool Cards (Set of 15)

The complete set of tools is also available for purchase for only $24.95.




Use this technique to build on options in silence, in which people silently build upon others’ ideas.


Help describe the terrain of a complex challenge by drawing visual connections.


Jumpstart your idea generation efforts using this handy list of categories.

Assisters & Resisters

Seek help where you can get it, and plan for resistance before you encounter it.

Forced Connections

Break free of rational limits by introducing outside elements to generate new ideas.

Why? What's Stopping You?

Get broader strategies and specific tasks through laddering.

Question Starters

Use these question starters to help Clarify the Challenge.

Tools to Select and Strengthen the Best Ideas and Solutions (Convergent)


Use to organize  options that need to be clustered and synthesized.


Use to converge many options quickly.

Card Sort

Use this easy way to rank options, sorting by best and worst.

Evaluation Matrix

Use to evaluate and strengthen options based on criteria.


Systematically explore Pluses, Opportunities, Issues and New thinking.

Design Thinking Questions

Use these questions to improve your prototypes.

Complete Set of Tools Is Also Available for Purchase

Innovation for Results Tool Cards (Set of 15)

A robust selection of hands-on tool cards detailing divergent and convergent thinking techniques.


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