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New & Improved empowers organizations to continually tap into their own creative genius and become expert innovators. Through our work with both large and small companies, not-for-profits and government agencies, we know that innovation decays over time. This leaves teams frustrated, and eventually profits slow down.

To combat this inertia, we apply our proven process and neuroscience techniques to three main areas. This unleashes your people’s innate creativity and accelerates business growth.


Want to build innovation competencies for all generations? 


Become expert innovators and collaborators as participants solve company challenges


Are you ready for enterprise-wide innovative change?

Organizational Culture Consulting

Assesses your culture on 12 factors and provides a roadmap to a sustainable innovation culture


Do you need a marketing break-through?

Facilitated Innovation Sessions

Accelerate and deepen your innovation pipeline with our master facilitators

Ready to Make a Change?

Whether you want to start with a small training workshop or discuss more widespread systematic culture change, give us a call. We will tailor a solution to fit your exact needs.

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