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Making people more innovative

Our innovation training programs focus on the full range of creative skills, techniques, systems, and leadership behaviors that unleash creative potential. As a result, this allows you to stay competitive in the fast-paced, global marketplace.

The critical element for sustaining innovation is the “people” side of the equation. No system will yield sustainable, new revenue growth unless your people are working collaboratively and at full creative capacity.

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Innovation for Results Workshop

2 days (up to 24 people)

Learn the creative process and design thinking skills as you develop solutions to work challenges.

  • Innovation methodology & frameworks
  • Ideation tools & techniques
  • Application to a work challenge


Optional 15-hr virtual innovation training program for dispersed team members

Innovation for Results Virtual Course

8 weeks (independent online course, unlimited participants)

Learn the creative process and design thinking skills while developing solutions to work challenges.


  • Innovation methodology & frameworks
  • Ideation tools & techniques
  • Application to a work challenge

Strategic Thinking Workshop

1-2 days (up to 16-24 people)

Prepare your leaders and key contributors with advanced skills to navigate complex change and the fast-paced global business environment.

  • Assess current strategic thinking skills
  • Develop a personal action plan to better incorporate strategic thinking into daily routines
  • Learn how to respond to the rapidly changing challenges and opportunities


Innovative Leader Workshop

2 days (up to 24 people)

Equip executives and key contributors with the model, tools, and techniques to lead and sustain innovation throughout the organization.

  • Assess leadership styles and practice innovation methods
  • Improve collaboration techniques for cross-department innovation efforts
  • Cultivate appropriate risk–taking behaviors


Certification: In-house Innovation Facilitator

4 days (up to 8 people)

Dramatically increase your organization’s in-house capacity to create ongoing breakthroughs and to confront problems creatively.

  • Prepares a cadre of facilitators in proven Design Thinking and Creative Problem Solving methodologies and techniques
  • Personalized coaching ensures each facilitator becomes an immediate asset
  • Allows organizations to accelerate innovation across all departments

Advanced Facilitation training also available.

Certification: In-house Innovation Trainer

4 days (up to 8 people)

Train and build an in-house team to deliver company-wide “Innovation for Results” training workshops to accelerate business success. 

  • Extend creative toolset, mindset and vocabulary across your organization
  • Quickly mobilize an innovative culture change, focused on the people side of business results
  • Develop action plans to support all company innovative efforts


NOTE: No two organizations are alike, so we customize these core programs to meet our clients’ specific needs. Read more about our research on the Return on Investment of innovation training.

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Whether you want to start with a small training workshop or discuss more widespread systematic culture change, give us a call. We will tailor a solution to fit your exact needs.

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