Jake Kent

Jake is Partner at New & Improved spending his time facilitating, training and producing much of our virtual learning content.

Before joining New & Improved, he developed a diverse range of competencies including small business development, public relations, event planning, digital media design and team management. He has worked for the St. Petersburg, Florida government, Cox Communications, Centerplate, and the Dali Museum Innovation Labs among other companies. While working for these organizations, he discovered the power of creative problem solving through an applied design thinking workshop. Integrating these skills, he innovated, oversaw, and worked cross-functionally to implement a nation-wide, low-cost, high-impact onboarding technique, increasing employee retention and accelerating new-hire integration. Building on that success, he has shifted his professional activity towards helping others utilize the science of creativity to energize great solutions and bring new value to their work.

As a strategic thinker who has trained in the art of public speaking since his childhood, he holds a special panache for sparking energy in crowds and creating a space to facilitate the development of ideas and improved processes.

When not hacking the gator brain, Jake can be found snowboarding, rock climbing, diving, and developing an ever-widening and incredibly diverse array of skills. He is a polymath.

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