Mary Ellyn Vicksta

Location: United States
Fluency: English

Mary Ellyn is a Partner at New & Improved where her areas of expertise are creativity training, creativity workshops, team building, and team development. She is a master facilitator that is trained in creative problem solving and certified in Edward deBono’s thinking tools (Six Hats, Lateral Thinking, and Focus on Facilitation). She has trained and applied this way of thinking at Kimberly Clark. Her favorite types of facilitated sessions involve developing a vision, very early product development, strategic planning, and challenging the status quo. She especially enjoys project work in the very front end of innovation, where the team is exploring the need and is developing rough product ideas and prototypes.

Before starting her own business in 2009, Mary Ellyn spent 27 years at Kimberly Clark in Product Development, Marketing Research, and on the Creative Innovation Team. During her last 10 years she was in a centralized role where she developed a creativity practice that included seeking best practices in the areas of creativity and innovation, developing and applying creativity in facilitated sessions, and training at all levels of the organization. What gives Mary Ellyn delight is helping functional teams discover and apply their creative potential while getting them to meaningful results.

While exploring creative potential, Mary Ellyn became very interested in personality types and associated temperaments. She became certified in Myers–Briggs, Kiersey Temperaments, and the Insights Discovery Process. From this great foundation, she was able to work with teams and individuals to learn more about themselves and their potential. She’s also an early adopter of FourSight, which provided important discoveries while facilitators were exploring their facilitation style.

In the past, she was involved with the Advisory Board for the Front End of Innovation Conference and has been a faculty/leader for Creative Problem Solving Institute’s annual event. She is a frequent speaker at conferences in the creativity and innovation fields, including ACA (American  Creativity Assocation), Coles Innovation Forum, Innovation Immersion, and ACRE.

Often you can find Mary Ellyn on a bike trail or hiking. She is a photo nut (don’t ask her about how many photos she took in the last year) and loves being outdoors.

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