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Neuroscience: Unleashing Creative Disruption

Recent advances in neurobiology validate what we have known for years. The human brain is hardwired to resist change and to limit creative thinking in times of stress and pressure. To unleash the creative mindset, people must fight the “Gator Brain” mentality, which kills off the new ideas that lead to innovation.

Taming the "Gator Brain”

Our primitive, triune brain is more dedicated to sensing danger than finding new innovations. We’ll guide you to flip to the habit of highly successful treasure hunters, managing that gator brain. Amygdala Hijack? You’ll handle it quickly.

Flexibility – Neuroplasticity

Our creativity is only as good as the brain that fuels it. We’ll help you build a more connected mind, able to integrate new thinking at the speed of an improvisational performer. You’ll make neuroplasticity work for you.

Increased Synaptic Connections

Free the brain to do what it does, using your neurobiology to make new connections. We’ll show you how to feed it with the enhanced curiosity that makes creativity unstoppable. Your synaptic self is your creative friend.


Creative Focus

As humans, we have the ability to choose where we place our attention. We’ll show you how and where to place it for innovation, through the mindful exercise of will. You’ll become a metacognitive master of creative thinking.

Productive Optimism

Habits of thought can be productive or counterproductive. We’ll help you habituate the productive optimism that solves problems quickly. You’ll light up your life with wise neural kindling and lead others well as an example of realistic and wise positivity.

Supportive Environment

We are a tribal species. The right culture can innovate at lightning speed. The wrong one kills it. We’ll help you build a creative clan. Neurologically enhanced innovation team? Build one or join one. Your choice.

Ready to Make a Change?

Whether you want to start with a small training workshop or discuss more widespread systematic culture change, give us a call. We will tailor a solution to fit your exact needs.

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