Accelerated Concept Development: New Products,  Positioning and More

What: One-half to 5 days
Who: Typically up to 24 participants but can scale as needed (option to also include consumers, subject-matter experts, and “trained brains” to accelerate insight production and idea generation)


Igniting customer passion is vital to product success. Our ideation sessions are designed to uncover critical pain points, explore customer insights, and then generate a wide range of passion creating products, marketing strategies and brand stories. Master Facilitators will customize your session(s) to generate a wide variety of possibilities and then, using proven creativity tools and techniques, develop the best value producers. We’ll guide you to rapidly prototype, strengthen and refine concepts that’ll lead to the breakthroughs you desire.

New & Improved’s craft is to ignite the greatest possible creative thinking from your team, other internal stakeholders, and insight providing individuals and groups from outside of your organization. We’re called New & Improved for a reason.

Sample Projects

Dove Campaign for Real Beauty

We helped Dove reinvent its approach to women, one of its most successful campaigns

Resealable packaging glue

We helped Kraft create a resealable glue to keep the food you love, fresher, longer

Boston Beer / Sam Adams

We helped create the brand break-through: “Slow down and savor”

KY Intimates

We helped Johnson & Johnson be first to market with interacting Intimates products for couples

Industries and Clients

We’ve worked with many leading businesses to generate innovative product and service concepts in a variety of industries and categories, including consumer products (e.g. food, beverage, products), pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, financial services, fast–food, software, digital services, government agencies, energy, agri–business, human services, and industrial machinery.

Key Benefits

We go beyond traditional facilitator–led brainstorming sessions. The infusion of creative talent and outside perspective pumps new life into your New Product Development processes. Some of the benefits include:
  • Speed: We take you from zero to breakthrough visual prototypes in under a week
  • Tangible: You walk away with lots of well–organized ideas, reports, renderings, and prototypes
  • Needs based: We start with cultural analysts in our market review to assure that ideas are on–target and then shape them against customer and stakeholder requirements
  • Break-through: Our outside perspective allows us to make connections that may have otherwise gone unnoticed
  • Radical: We provide new–to–the–world business concepts and “discontinuous innovations” when appropriate
  • Impact: We train your participants to become their own innovation champions within your organization

Ready to Make a Change?

Whether you want to start with a small training workshop or discuss more widespread systematic culture change, give us a call. We will tailor a solution to fit your exact needs.

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