Pelin Urgancilar

Location: Turkey
Fluency: English, Turkey

 Pelin is a Partner at New & Improved. She is widely respected for helping leaders grow value by supporting them to create an organizational culture that enables the execution of innovative market leading strategy.

Building on a long career in management consulting, Pelin’s quest for innovation started when she attended one of New & Improved’s Innovation for Results workshops ten years ago. From then on, building on her previous expertise in leadership, creativity and innovation became two of the core capabilities that she chose to focus on with her work with organizations. Pelin firmly believes that organizations cannot sustain growth without good leadership bench strength and an innovative culture, which to her are the main two factors differentiating high performers from the crowd in any business sector.

Personally known for her ability to make useful connections from seemingly unrelated thoughts, Pelin’s teaching style can best be described as result oriented, engaging and innovative. Pelin is a certified facilitator and a coach. She’s the editor of several books on leadership and plans to have a book of her own before she dies.

Prior to joining New & Improved, Pelin worked for a global consulting company and held managerial roles in sales and marketing in Turkey and the Middle East. She is a graduate of the Uskudar American Academy and holds a BA in International Relations from Marmara University. She lives in Istanbul and has one daughter (for the time being). She can frequently be seen shopping for Turkish contemporary art as well as shoes.

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