Sheila Delarm

Sheila is a Partner at New & Improved where she utilizes her taste for accuracy and detail to run our logistics and procurement department. Over her career, she has become best known for her work with groups of young people in peer leadership and empowerment trainings. She has directed Teen Institutes and a variety of other intensive youth leadership and health enhancement experiences.

For the adult population, Sheila shares her significant depth of experience through trainings on the use of New Games and Initiatives, practical and theoretical programs for professionals involved in drug abuse prevention, and other wellness related topics. She is a firefighter, EMT and an avid outdoorswoman. An Adirondack native, she has climbed all 46 of our highest peaks, and is currently enjoying new learning and adventures on her mountain bike.

She has two grown children who actively use the creativity and innovation skills she taught them in their own lives. A popular piece of Sheila’s writing is “12 Powerful Parenting Methods for Raising Creative, Resilient Children” (co-authored with Bob Eckert)

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