Strategic Consulting

Is your strategic plan sitting on shelves, gathering the dust of unrealistic hopes and false consensus?

Everyone knows that a solid strategy is vital to ongoing success, but it is common for organizations to struggle to create truly breakthrough strategies and then reliably and efficiently execute the plan.

In today’s fast-moving world, how do you create living, breathing strategic planning that agilely adjusts to new market pressures?  Our process is simple: we infuse strategic planning with innovative thinking and company-wide creative collaboration. Breakthrough thinking techniques are embedded in every step. This happens from the front-end discovery and development of the strategic pathways through the visioning of the desired future state. At the heart of the strategic framework, we drive results with an agile innovation model. This ensures business units will move more quickly to experiment, execute, evaluate and refine the best options.


You’ll uncover the wisest strategic moves for rapid growth and long-term viability of your organization, and you’ll have fun while doing it. Our facilitation methods will assure alignment among your executive team and deftly surface difficult-to-discuss dynamics – guiding you through the crucial conversations which, when not well done, sneak in to undermine your strategy execution. We energize creative thinking and foster a collaborative team dynamic that ensures breakthrough approaches are generated. We’ll guide you with unique methodologies to pressure-test your strategy choices to increase likelihood of success. You’ll find new pathways to differentiate your company, learn skills you’ll use after we leave, inspire employees, and position yourself for rapid adaptation to changes in your market.

What Our Clients Ask Us To Do

Whether you need to kick-start your strategic planning with a facilitated session or require end-to-end support, we have you covered. After an initial evaluation of your needs and timeline, we’ll co-create a unique process that works elegantly for you. Our emphasis is on uncovering key obstacles and opportunities that will have the most impact on your goals.

Front-end Discovery

Collaborating with your people, we help gather, synthesize and glean insights. We then present findings so the real work can begin:

  • Internal Findings (employee ideas / concerns / recommendations, stakeholder interviews)
  • Customer Feedback on Critical Offerings (satisfaction reports, customer service issues, customer needs assessment using Design Thinking empathy tools)
  • Market Intelligence (competition review, market trends, gap analysis)
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Strategic Briefings

Facilitated Meetings

Our master facilitators make the most of in-person time and remote collaboration tools. We understand that pulling your people out of daily activities has to show significant return. To do this, we use proven techniques to actively get the most out of participants and move the best options forward.

  • Strategic Planning Sessions (key constituents, experts and trained brains)
  • Company-wide Innovation Pitch Fairs (new projects are prototyped, presented, judged, improved)
  • Vision Alignment Sessions / Crucial Conversations
  • Competition War-Gaming
  • Futuring Sessions

Articulation of Strategic Plan

Tap our communications partners to prepare succinct language so leaders can align the organization around the same rallying cry.

  • Formulation of Strategic Direction & Focus Areas
  • Communications Support (writing, graphics, video)

Implementation Support

The highest-risk moment in strategic planning happens when it becomes operationalized. When there is a breakdown, it is often because of change management issues, unclear metrics and evaluation processes, lack of alignment on new goals, or simply outdated structures. We will work with you to identify high-risk areas and prioritize support.

  • Operations Planning / Annual Planning (helping business units build plans and tactics)
  • Innovation Labs (design and build agile innovation processes within business units)
  • Innovation Training, Facilitator Training
  • Change Management Plan & Support
  • Project Management & Coordination
  • Measurement (metrics, monitoring, quality assurance)

Ready to Make a Change?

Whether you want to start with a small training workshop or discuss more widespread systematic culture change, give us a call. We will tailor a solution to fit your exact needs.

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