Tim Dunne

Location: Spain
Fluency: English, French

Tim Dunne is a partner at New & Improved who believes that the emotional courage required to implement change requires energy. Tim has such energy and it’s contagious! He uses a blend of skills, tools and processes to create the right environment to foster agents of change.  These agents then go on to create innovation in their organizations. He’s passionate about using creative tools and techniques to build strategy and foster breakthrough learning – the kind that invites new behaviors in individuals and the teams they form.

Tim is the co-author of Never be Closing, which appears on both Oprah Winfrey’s ”Self-Help Advice That Works” and Inc.’s“The Seven Most Useful How-to-Sell Books of 2014” lists. He also writes articles on the subject of change and innovation and is a speaker and trainer around creativity and sales and where those two topics meet.  He brings his skill set to his consulting work with a multitude of organizations including Deutsche–Bank, World Bank, Cartier, the University of Greenwich Business School, Cisco Systems and the National Science Foundation.

Tim spent fourteen years in the banking industry developing innovative debt products for the largest housing owners in the US. He now develops and conducts workshops on leadership and structured creativity at conferences in South Africa, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States. His workshops expand self–awareness and move people to action. They focus on leading with humility, on challenging assumptions, and on selling authentically yet creatively. 

Tim holds an MBA in Finance from the University of Rochester’s Simon Business School and currently serves on the faculty at the Center for Culturally Responsive Evaluation and Assessment (CREA) Conference in Europe and at the Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI) in the US. He lives in Barcelona, Spain with his partner and their two daughters (whose interaction with their father test every leadership and collaboration theory he has ever espoused). He enjoys being in any environment where one is required to chop wood and carry water, for which he has his mother to thank.

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