True Black

Location: Asia
Fluency: English, Mandarin Chinese

True is a Partner at New & Improved. Fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese, he has over 18 years of experience in executive management in the United States and greater China.

For the past seven years, True has been throughout Asia working with engineers, managers, senior leaders, and individual contributors at a wide variety of multinational companies. As a facilitator, he specializes in Creative Problem Solving and Strategic Plan facilitation. He is a sought after and influential trainer in the areas of innovation, leadership, and communication skills. He holds a number of training certifications and is respected for his ability to empathize, build trust, and bring out the best in the people with whom he works. True is known for his very fluent, accent–less Mandarin and his understanding of Chinese thought and culture.

True is also an experienced executive coach who specializes in working with high level leaders to resolve critical strategic business issues and to develop a culture of innovation in their organizations.

True lives in Taipei and travels frequently in China, delivering workshops and coaching executives. He is the father of five children and enjoys time in the gym, cooking, and occasionally publishing his writing in magazines.

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