Innovation for Results

Virtual  Course

What: 8-week online course (approximately 16 hours of work)
Who: Unlimited; recommend 8-12 per cohort (Leaders, Key Contributors, Intact Teams)


Virtual Innovation for Results is a blended 8-week online program. A mix of engaging, highly produced video lessons, virtual instructor-based meetings and focused partner work,  the accelerated learning design provides participants with a range of creative problem solving tools, techniques and a framework in which to apply them. Participants accomplish real work by applying their newly enhanced innovation skills to actual organizational or personal challenges. This program delivers direct and immediate impact by introducing a new and improved way to work together, solve problems, manage constraints, develop opportunities and produce concrete results for real-world organizational challenge(s). Training departments can readily demonstrate Level IV ROI by tracking output projects from this program.


Learn immediately applicable methods for Design Thinking and Creative Problem Solving


Apply these skills to current work challenges to rapidly develop viable solutions


Develop action plans to support your innovations


Learn a shared vocabulary that fosters creativity and collaboration for extended impact



Many participants have focused on creating breakthrough products, enhancing productivity, improving manufacturing lines, planning strategy and much more. Graduates also report significant gains in efficiency, productivity, resourcefulness, positivity and individual engagement.






Participants will learn and apply the following tools:

Forced Connections


POINt (Pluses, Opportunities, Issues, New thinking)




Power Perspectives


Deep Empathy


Question Starters


Why? What's Stopping You?


Mind Mapping


Visual Analogy




Assisters & Resisters


Read-it Write-it Stick-it


Evaluation Matrix


Card Sort




Key Benefits

For the individual

  • Set your own pace as you learn creative thinking, innovation tools and techniques for generating and evaluating ideas
  • Regularly overcome personal barriers to creative thinking
  • Describe and use methods and tools that enhance creative thinking

For the company’s performance

  • Drastically reduces the time required for implementing innovative solutions
  • Provides the root cause analysis skills to fully understand challenges to yield creative solutions to complex issues
  • Provides effective ways to solve organizational innovation problems efficiently

For the company's culture

  • Enables individuals, groups and teams to share a common language and process for creative problem solving
  • Identify & leverage personal preferences in the creative process for improved team collaboration
  • Fosters a culture of innovation throughout the organization

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