These webinars offer insights into key challenge areas regarding innovation.

Demystifying Innovation Culture Efforts

Length: 60 minutes

We know innovation is vital, but do we really know how to build and lead an organizational structure that enables and sustains it? This webinar explores what works – and what falls short – on the road to building a long-term innovation culture.
It brings together 60 years of research and over 20 years of practical application.

The viewer will:

  • Learn a systems approach to building organization-wide innovation capacity
  • Develop an awareness of common missteps and the strategies to avoid them
  • Strengthen their own personal skills as a leader and change agent.

Strategic Thinking in a Fast Paced, Innovative Environment

Length: 60 minutes


How do you feed strategic thinking into a culture of rapid innovation? Learn the answer to this question and more.

Most Innovation Efforts Fail – the 12 Keys to Set Your Organization up for Innovation

Length: 90 minutes


Innovation, as a conscious business strategy, is new enough that there are a lot of common missteps still being made. Experts – with the latest poorly validated innovation assessment tool – pop up every week. Broad expertise, based on scientific rigor and significant cross-industry experience, is less common than marketing spin would make it seem. So, it’s no wonder that many innovation efforts fail as leaders struggle to figure it all out.

Learn by exploring 12 key areas that will help set you up for innovation success.

Top 10 Questions About Leading Innovation for Results

Length: 60 minutes

This webinar explores:
  • What leadership talk supports innovation?
  • Can you have innovation without leaders?
  • Does innovation go beyond products and services?
  • Is “Innovation Culture” merely a fancy term for good management?
  • How would you describe an innovation culture?
  • What can leaders do to cultivate an innovation culture?
  • Where do you find the time and money to do more innovation?
  • How does a leader get buy-in for more innovation?
  • What can we do to minimize risk involved in innovation?
  • What should we measure to ensure that innovation is on track?

Your Brain’s Creative Operating System

Length: 60 minutes
How to generate, present or evaluate new ideas or solutions. It focuses on divergent thinking (exploring new options) and convergent thinking (selecting new options), and shares some classic and new tools for each type of thinking.

This webinar explores:
  • How do you balance idea generation and selection?
  • How can you generate more ideas?
  • How can you more effectively brainstorm?
  • What are better ways to evaluate and improve new solutions or strategies?
  • How can you build consensus for a new idea?

An Essential Leadership Skill: The Latest Thinking About the Creative Process

Length: 60 minutes
This webinar treats participants to a fascinating discussion of the latest version of Creative Process/Creative Problem Solving.
The discussion includes:
  • Creative leadership in the 21st century
  • The latest version of Creative Process/Creative Problem Solving, called the Thinking Skills Model
  • Improvements in the new model and why we need a new model
  • What skills are necessary to be a proficient creative change leader?
  • How you can acquire these skills.

Keeping Innovation Alive During Change

Length: 60 minutes

When organizations are experiencing intensive change (strategic redirection, layoffs, new flavor-of-the-month, merger & acquisition, re-org) the default pattern, for many, is to keep their head down and protect the status quo. Beware! Unless you take specific actions to prevent this, your climate for innovation is in jeopardy just when it’s most needed.

Whether the change is intentional or a surprise, the ability to creatively find a productive way forward is essential.

This webinar will help you to:

  • Solve issues that arise as a result of change
  • Be ready for opportunities that change creates
  • Guide yourself, your team or your organization through change

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